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Design Process

There is a lot that goes into landscape design and construction, it definitely doesn't happen overnight. For those curious, here are the steps of the process to getting your ideal yard, starting from reaching out to me to the construction/planting process and the timespan.

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Our Process

  1. Inquiry - Contact Us to share your dreams for your new landscape! We will provide a free 15-minute consultation call

  2. Initial Consultation - After our phone call we can schedule an initial consultation at your home for $150 for an initial meeting and working up a proposal.  This amount will be applied to the proposal if you choose to use us. During this meeting, we will determine the scope of work for the project, review your inspiration photos, discuss design direction and potential challenges, and provide initial ideas for how we can meet your design goals. We will follow up with a written proposal summarizing our meeting and a contract outlining our fees and deliverables. 

  3. Site Analysis- If you have an existing survey or blueprints from a home remodel, we can use those to create a site map for the landscape design. If not we will either measure or refer you to a qualified measuring service to take precise measurements and create a CAD base map.  While onsite we will take measurements and pictures of the home and current landscaping.  This information will give us the base information on creating new layout options. 

  4. Preliminary Layout Designs- We present full-color preliminary CAD drawings of up to two or three options for the proposed layout with hardscape areas and softscape areas and solicit your feedback. This is a collaborative process with your constant input to get the perfect layout

  5. Plant Material Ideas- We present a Google document with tree and plant options for your review and solicit your input. It will include pictures, links to explore further, size, water needs, and recommended areas for your yard. 

  6. Ongoing Communication- is essential and we work closely with you through onsite visits, emails, video calls, and phone calls. 

  7. Final Plan Document- We create a final layout for your review and approval to take out to bid.  

  8. Scope of Work Document to take your plans out to bid to contractors.  This entails accurate measurements of the project including sq ft quantities for hardscape, grass, and planting areas.  Plant quantities, soil, irrigation details, and lighting details. 

  9. Bidding - We refer you to one of our preferred, highly qualified, licensed contractors or we can work with your preferred contractor.  We try to get you two or more bids so you can compare pricing and assist in analyzing the bids and following up with the contractors.

  10. Construction - We work side by side with the contractor to ensure a seamless, installation process.  We assist in purchasing hardscapes, plant materials, furniture, and accessories.

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"Gardenscapes knows how to get amazing landscaping done efficiently and within budget."

Morgan J.

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